Dennis Buckley

My father Timothy Buckley has resided at TZ Manor for the past 4 1/2 years.

During that time we have found the Staff has been exceptionally helpful with both our and our father's needs regarding meals, extra assistance as needed and transportation both within the facility as well as to outside medical appointments.

The ability for him to receive both physical and occupational therapy at the facility without having to be transported somewhere else has been extremely helpful.

Thank you for caring for our father to the extent that you have.
It is greatly appreciated.

Dennis Buckley

Bernie Berger

I would like to take a moment to share my experiences with Tappan Zee Manor. Over the past eight years I have had three family members who have been full time residents at this assisted living. Each of my family members which included an aunt/uncle and my mother entered the facility due to injuries such as broken bones from falls which put them in a position where it was difficult to live on their own.

Aside from having all meals prepared, rooms regularly cleaned, in house aides to help dress and shower the residents, and many activities to keep people active, the facility is staffed 24-7 with a very passionate and caring crew. My family members have taken advantage of many services they offer such as medication management, transportation to doctors, case management and of course many of the in-house activities.

In the case of my aunt and uncle who both had terminal cancers at the end of their lives I have to commend the staff for the extreme compassion and caring that were given to them. The staff went far beyond what I would consider expected to make sure they had everything they could possibly need and offered caring and friendship to both of them until the end.

My mother is currently 95 and still a resident who enjoys and is grateful for everything the facility offers. She is especially thankful to her case manager and all those who help her on a daily basis.


Bernie Berger